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The conversations and policy decisions being made in the next two years will affect the direction of Ann Arbor for the next 20 or more. If we are to create both a today and a tomorrow that works for everyone, we have to invest in everyone.


We have to invest in our infrastructure and basic services to maintain the quality of life our current residents expect and pay for. When it comes to things like road repair, snow removal, trash pickup and recycling, and all the pipes that run beneath our streets Ann Arbor’s city government needs to ensure that residents get high-quality services, on time and every time.

We also have to invest in making our housing market affordable to keep our city accessible, inclusive, and diverse. Every year rising housing costs price out the teachers, bus drivers, and young professionals who want to call our great city home.

We have to invest in progressive action on the environment, transit, a vibrant downtown, and maintaining our parks to attract a next generation of Ann Arbor residents who will uphold our remarkable values.

Most importantly, we have to do all of this in a way that makes fiscal sense. We have to identify ways we can be more efficient and make investments in areas that will save us money. Just as importantly, we can never take on recurring costs unless we know how to pay for them long term.


Ann Arbor needs elected leaders who will work collaboratively and cooperatively with everyone — fellow residents, experts on City Staff, and colleagues on Council — to to maintain and build upon our high quality of life for you and for everyone who wants to call Ann Arbor home.