Please VOTE Tuesday, August 8

I’m Zach Ackerman, the Democratic representative for the Third Ward on Ann Arbor City Council. I grew up right here in Ann Arbor, in the Third Ward specifically, and am a proud graduate of the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the University of Michigan.

Two years ago, I asked for your vote based on a simple premise: The conversations and decisions being made in those next two years would affect the direction of our community for the next 20 or more. Two years later, I am running for reelection.

Then and now, I believe we need to invest in our infrastructure and basic services. We need to invest in building an affordable housing market. And, we need to invest in progressive action on the environment, transit, and a vibrant downtown.

I can say many of the decisions we’ve made will better Ann Arbor for the next 20 years. But, I can also say there is much more to do.

    • We introduced a new roads plan that will reduce the number of potholes, without sacrificing the long-term care of our 300-miles of roadway. Now we need to keep making streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists.


    • We implemented a new Urban Forestry Plan that will bring a 1,000 new street trees to neighborhoods across Ann Arbor each year, while funding their maintenance and pruning. Now we need to update our outdated stormwater systems to keep homes safe in a changing climate.


    • We have nearly rehabbed every unit in our public housing system, ensuring that our neighbors making under $20,000 a year can live safely. Now we need to build new housing for workers and retirees.


    • We successfully got a stricter cleanup standard for the 1,4 Dioxane that threatens our drinking water, dropping the allowable amounts of contamination 12-fold. Now we have a legal agreement with the polluter to win.


I am proud of our successes, but they also highlight the reasons that make me say: As a community, we still have more to do. As your representative, I still have more to do.

And because these goals need all of us, I am still committed to an approach to leadership that will always seek your guidance. And because I want to serve you, I am still committed to making City Hall more accessible, more understandable, and more helpful to you, the resident.

So, please, take a look around my website. And, don’t forget to vote Tuesday, August 8th, or by absentee ballot between now and then. I look forward to doing everything I can to earn your support. See you back on the campaign trail.